Sonography (us) had the same level of diagnostic accuracy (median sensitivity 88 % and median specificity 96 %) with computed tomography angiography (bmj, 2007). Besides, us is suggested to be a useful tool for identification of pad with vascular calcification which occurs commonly on hd patients. In this study, we compared abi levels measured by two other devices in hd patients for the purpose of detection of pad. And we assessed the sensitivity and specificity of each method by means of receiver operating characteristic (roc) analysis, using us as the reference. Methods: ninety-six hd patients in our kidney center (male 45, female 51) with age 64â±12 years. The vintage of dialysis was 95â±185 months. Thirty-eight patients with diabetes mellitus were included. Abi was measured using form pwv/abiâ„¢ (omron colin, co, ltd. )and vasera-vs1000â„¢ (fukuda electronics, co, ltd. ) after 5 mins' rest at supine position. Us was performed by experienced ultrasonographers using logic 7â„¢ (general electronics, co, ltd. ) with linear probe (10-12 mhz). buy viagra online Pad was defined as the presence of stenosis over 50% in any lower extreme artery. We tested the clinical data with the statistical software, jmp6â„¢ (sas institute), business unit of sas. best quality generic viagra Results: the level of abi was 1. 08â±0. 18 in the former and 0. 99â±0. 18 in the latter. There was a significant difference between them (p<0. 05) and the both data correlated significantly (p<0. order generic viagra online no prescription 05, r=0. 81). The sensitivity and specificity of abi level <0. 9 for detecting pad was 44 %, 99 % in the former and 57 %, 87 % in the latter. The roc analysis showed area under the receiver operating characteristic curve=0. is viagra or viagra more effective 76, 0. best quality generic viagra 85, each. In addition, the sensitivity and specificity of the dual device's abi cut-off value of 1. viagra wikipedia 0 resulted in 70 % and 78 % in the former and 91 % and 64 % in the latter. Conclusions: increased arterial rigidity associated with medial calcification might interfere with abi measurement and affect the sensitivity of abi for detecting pad. It is important to establish a useful screening device and a reliable cut-off value for hd patients. buy cheap viagra Association of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction with intra-dialytic hypotension in dialysis patients aleksandar sikole 1, lada trajceska 1, gjulsen selim 1, vili amitov 1, pavlina dzekova 1, saso gelev 1, galina severova 1 and ted trajceski 2 1dialysis unit university clinic of nephrology skopje macedonia, the former yugoslav republic of 2cardiology department cardiologia prima skopje macedonia, the former yugoslav republic of abstract introduction and aims: intra-dialytic hypotension (idh) plays causative role. viagra online